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Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Local Breeder 脳 AKC Registered Sires and Dam


Garrison Kennel's Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Hawaii, Born and Bred.

Photos by Em Rivera

Owner Kristofer Phifer and his family have been raising Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Hawaii for the past 9 years. They have hands-on experience raising family friendly, well socialized and trained Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Garrison Kennels actively trains for Obedience and Exhibition with Leeward Training Club in Mililani. Garrison Kennels also exhibits at local AKC events.

Garrison Kennels exclusively breeds only Rhodesian Ridgebacks and is a family owned and operated company, Garrison Kennels feels that all of their puppies are family and are responsible for them throughout their lifespan. All Garrison Kennels puppies are socialized with their prospective owners prior to going home. All Garrison Kennels puppies have a three year cardiac, thyroid and skeletal guarantee and an unlimited limited buyback clause should the owner be unable to care for their companion. Garrison Kennels offers a lifetime of technical support with their Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Garrison Kennels seeks to produce the highest quality, AKC breed standard Rhodesian Ridgeback. Soundness of character, breed standard and physique are primary considerations when selecting breeding pairs. Information on the characteristics and standards of the Rhodesian Ridgeback can be found on the AKC website.






Pearl City, Hawaii  96782


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More Information on Hoku can be obtained by contacting us through email. 



Sire: Chilolo CH EK I'm In Charge (Jake) from Australia and Dam: Kalmara ICE  (Hoku) from New Zealand

Zambuana Zipping "Burli" (Australia) DOB: 10/18/07

Hoku delivered her first litter on Wednesday Sept 23, 2015 she had 7 females and 4 males, Click on image for puppy debut.

Sire: "Jake" EK Im In Charge (Chilolo Ridgebacks)


October 2016 Artificial Insemination Litter (Hoku) KALMARA VOILA ICI (New Zealand) paired with GR CH SKISKA SOLITAIRE JEST (Axle)-"deceased"黑人大战欧美_茄子福利视频app下载

Hoku will be expecting October 2016........... Please check back for updates!  ALOHA

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