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Welcome to the world of the most
advanced competitions

Global Competition Society has come up with the most advanced competitions in 7 subjects to test the academic ability of school students by providing a global platform where they can compete with their counterparts from India and other nations who are using Indian syllabus as well as affiliation for their student's education. All these competitions are based on the advanced level of sophistications to make a better kind of future citizen who will build a fast growing Indian economy using their great intelligence. If a student can clear these Olympiad exams with confidence then no other competitions in this world will be difficult for them.



are associated with us in various way either through Olympiads or other education events.



from the top schools of India are our honourary advisory educationist board members.



from the varius schools are associated with us as our Educator advisory members.

First Step

If a school student wants to succeed in academic career then one has got to be prepared for competitions in not only the academic career but at all stages of life. At GCS, we prepare the students for competitions from the very beginning of life by introducing a student to the Olympiads conducted by GCS from class one itself so that by the time they are grown up, the fear of exams does not overpower them. Participate in our Olympiads to keep at bay the fear of dread from the very beginning.


In this competitive world, a student’s goal must be how to succeed in competitive exams. At this point, GCS becomes very handy as the society prepares a student by providing unmatched study material apart from world class barrage of questions for students to solve which will pave their way to achieve their goal in life.Take part in GCS olympiads which give you a world-class competitive environment and platform to prove your mettle against your counter-parts from India and abroad for fulfilling your dream.


To become successful in academic career, it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and zeal on the part of students and teachers alike. If students are not invited and inspired to participate in an Olympiad examination such as GCS Olympiads, they cannot experience the taste of nectar of an international examination. Moreover, a school or its students cannot know the difference of an outside platform while appearing for any exam. Participate in GCS Olympiads to find out the difference.

What is different and unique about GCS Olympiads?

  • Only 2 Levels of Examination.
  • Prizes Starts from 1st Level Itself unlike Other Olympiads.
  • Online Checking Facility of Enrollment Details.
  • GCS Student welfare fund for schools.
  • On Time Delivery Of Question Papers And Prizes.
  • International Quality Question Papers.
  • Customized OMR answer sheets reflecting all the details of a student such as, name class, roll. No. etc. No other Olympiad group does the same for the convenience of the school making it easier for the teachers.
  • Prizes for all At International, State, Zonal as well as, District Level Prizes for School, Principal, Olympiad Incharge, School Co-ordinator and Teachers in all subjects with Assurance of on time Delivery.
  • Has society's own R&D team for content development and as such, we are not dependent upon out-sourcing like our contemporaries.
  • We mention all delivery dates so far as question paper, declaration date of result and prizes delivery unlike other groups and make sure to stick to the same.
  • The quality of our study materials and question papers are matchless, which is our USP and even after remaining in the syllabus, the questions are very tricky i.e. a student with adequate knowledge will only be able to answer the questions and fluke won't work.
  • There are prizes for all involved and prizes are very unique which will be liked by students-teachers alike.
  • Over and above, we have innumerable principals of various top schools as our “Honourary Advisory Educator Board Member” who guide us from time to time in our endeavor to elevate the academic level of schools students to a new high.
  • We have lots of school teachers, specialist in their own subjects, who are associated with us and send us their valuable-self-made questions for incorporation in the Olympiads for the benefit of the student community as a whole. Several Famous schools of international repute are the “City Hubs“of our society where our Olympiads are held every year on a regular basis and inspire other schools in the city to participate in our Olympiads.
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Salient Features

Tailor Made Study Material

International Quality Question Papers

On Time Delivery of Question Papers And Prizes

Uncommon Prizes

Only 2 Levels of Examination

Prizes Starts From 1st Level Itself

Only GCS provides you the exact dates for all kinds of services
this is a first in Asia

All 1st exam dates question papers will be delivered by 25th Oct. 2019 positively.

1st level results will be declared by 15th Jan. 2020 positively.

1st level certificates, medals and prizes will be delivered by 30th Jan. 2020 positively.

All 2nd exam dates question papers will be delivered by 20th Nov. 2020 positively.

2nd level exam will be conducted on 3rd Feb. 2020.

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