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Established in 1981, owners Frederick and John Rudnicki learned their trade working at the ship yard prior to its closing. They took those tools to establish their own sandblasting outfit at the same location they work in now. Over the years General Sandblasting Co., Inc. has expanded to include a 25' x 50' indoor blast booth, 50' climate controlled spray booth, an indoor 35 x 25 media booth, 7,700 square feet of climate controlled spray booth areas, and wheel abrading with an 80 conveyor that can handle objects up to 5 wide and 42 high. Color coating, priming and painting were added to round out their services. Both onsite and shop blasting and painting are available; No job too big or small is still their motto!

Their work can still be seen in Central Park (railings), Ted Williams Tunnel (all the blue), the Bio-Duct Bridge done for Mass Highway, various railings and panels for the MBTA, N.J. Transit Authority, Maine Port Authority, Mass Port and Steamship Authority, Connecticut D.O.T., Central Artery in MA and blasting and priming for the Deer Island Project. Theyve also done and continue to do work for National Grid, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Mass and RI Highway Departments. Everything from Grandmas vintage chairs to Grandpas Model-T has come thru their doors. Media blasting for classic and vintage cars and motorcycles, glass beading for vacuum chambers and medical equipment, blasting and painting all types of heavy equipment and dump trucks of all sizes, successfully coating over galvanized metal, all types of pipe coating up to 80' long, railings, even toys!

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